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Day 7 :: 30 Days of Thankful

Day 7…ah…where do I begin.  This one is gonna be a lit­tle bit more in depth than the last 6 days.:-)

Day 7 rolled around and I woke up to this.

What’s that you say?  That doesn’t look so bad?  What’s hard to see here is the fact that she chopped off half of her hair all the way around her head.  Appar­ently she wanted some lay­ers in her hair.  Oh, and Bar­bie got the whack job the first go round as prac­tice.  I guess she had had enough practice.

So, then we had to go visit our friend Kirsten for a lit­tle help.  Thank God she is wicked good at what she does and man­aged to sal­vage our hairdo (and I’m uber thank­ful that we did our Christ­mas Card pho­tos last month too!)

Here is the end result.  It’s actu­ally pretty cute, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m look­ing for­ward to it grow­ing out.

There were a LOT of tears shed today.  Not just because of this, but because this lit­tle girl is very “spir­ited” and is such a dif­fer­ent child than Tyson was.  So, for Day 7, I am Thank­ful  for the awe­some par­ents and in laws that I have on one of my tough­est par­ent­ing days ever.  They reas­sured me that I wasn’t the world’s worst mother and that every­thing will be ok.  :-)

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