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3 years ago today…

Well, I guarantee it was warmer out, that’s for sure! 3 years ago today though was my due date with Ty. I remember vividly how much I wanted him to get the heck out of me!! Before you’re a parent, people always tell you how quickly everything goes by. I never really believed “them” until I experienced it first hand. I cannot believe how quickly these last three years have gone by. Watching children grow is one of the most fascinating and entertaining experiences life has to offer. I consider myself very lucky to have witnesses this process first hand and with such a perfect, and sweet little boy.

I found this pic I took a few days before Ty was born, my last “belly pic”!

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Mama C'ta - It does go by fast, huh? I can’t believe it. When everyone told me when Ryan was an infant that time would fly, I didn’t believe them though I wanted to. I wanted a certain phase to be over with (mainly teething) and was excited for him to learn new things. Now, it’s just amazing how big our boys are & all the cool stuff they can do. HAPPY DUE DATE!!

Sarah - It does fly by – and I haven’t even had a year’s experience yet! Very cute belly, btw!

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