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Reality Check

Its funny how life can be sometimes. Just when you think everything is going according to plan and you’re about to have one of the busiest weeks you’ve had in a long time, WHAM! The reality check express hits you like a freight train.

Yesterday, Ty got pretty sick and of course its the worst timing EVER. This is the busiest week at work that we’ll probably have all year and here I sit, working from home (thank god for laptops!) because my sweet little boy is really sick.

Of course, we really have no idea what’s wrong with him, other than his tummy hurts really badly and he won’t stop crying sometimes. But you know what? It just puts everything else in life on hold and into perspective. When you get that phone call and can hear your baby screaming in the background, the world stops and suddenly, he’s all that matters.

Getting the heck out of the office and getting home to hold and snuggle him as quickly as you can is the only thing on your mind.

So, this is my reality check for the week. I’m sure by Friday, everything will be back to normal and the chaos that is our life (and the pending birthday party at the end of the week) will ensue, but for now, a happy little boy waking up in about an hour is the only thing that truly matters to me.

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Kelly Syferd - Poor Ty! I hope he is feeling better soon!

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