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45 Minutes

Ha! You know when you buy something to install in your house, and it says “Intalls in 45 minutes”? Well, we all know that they are never right. Tonight’s project as part of our bedroom makeover was to install a new ceiling fan that we bought. We had one in there before, so we thought how hard could it be, right? The instructions were only a page long, but don’t let that fool you.

Tony started to take down the old one, while I started to put together the new one. With projects like this, it’s better that we work on some of the things separately.:-)Let’s just say that 2 1/2 hours later, and after having to place several phone calls to confirm that if we connected the blue wires to the red, our house wouldn’t blow up; the damn thing was finally installed. So, we turned it on, it was the moment of truth…

And guess what? It WORKED! And thank goodness, because I might have been husbandless had it not…

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