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Baby Robins

In early June we noticed a Robin’s nest in our bush righ outside our kitchen window and deck. There were three eggs in there, so we started to check them every so often.

Well, on Saturday, we noticed the baby birds had hatched! It’s been really fun to watch the Mama and Daddy bird take such good care of these little babies. They get so many worms throughout the day, they each take their turn guarding their nest. It’s almost like we have a new pet in our house. They don’t seem all that scared of us anymore. They used to fly out every time we would come outside, but now, they let us peer over the rails of the deck to check on them and see how the babies have changed. I need to take some new pics of them as they are getting bigger already and who knows how much longer they’ll be with us.

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Mrs P - How adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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