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I <3 Ikea

As you may remember, we recently made-over our bedroom and our closet. Well, we are getting rid of the dressers that we have been using ever since we got married. They’re actually ones that I got in HIGH SCHOOL!! Yes, that’s how old they are. But fortunately, they lasted as long as they have and I am ready to part with them to get something new and more fitting with our style now. We’re happily donating them to the GASP garage sale that’s happening this weekend.

So, of course we now need something to put our clothes in. Of course that means a trip to Ikea is in store for us! Here is the dresser that I *think* we’ve agreed on getting. Tony wanted something taller and I wanted something more wide than tall so I could fill the top of it with knick knacks and other dust collecting objects:-)Of course, I won. 😛

I’m so excited though to get this and hope it will look as great in our room as it does in this pic. Isn’t it purty?

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Pixel Fairy Princess - I LOVE Ikea!!!! Isn’t going there just the best 😀Ladybug hugs,Debbie

Caroline - Love Ikea too, we were always saying that it would be our kid’s first world LOL People even don’t ask me any longer where I got things, they know the answer. Love the dresser Amy. I have the same one, taller in white in Lily’s room. What fun!

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