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The Great MN Get Together

We went to the Minnesota State Fair on opening day this year. It was a great day for it, a bit warm, but a nice day. Well, of course other than the fact that I sprained my ankle in the middle of the night the night before (don’t ask), so it was a long day for me, but the boys had fun.

First food of the day, a jumbo Corn Dog of course!

Checking out the John Deere tractors, safety first of course! That’s my boy!:-)

Trying to balance on this one…

Really enjoying this one, until mommy spotted the $22,000 price tag on it…

One of my favorite things at the fair is looking down the streets and seeing them just full of people. It was still early in the day here, but you get the idea.

Oh yes, this was the new food we tried this year. Called Fudge Puppies, they were TO DIE FOR! Belgian waffles on a stick, dipped in chocolate and topped with whipped cream. Very interesting to eat, but very yummy!!

Brand spanking new baby lamb. Was literally born like 2 mins before I took this pic.

Deep thoughts with lemonade

Ty was very excited to ask this “man” if he could pet his cow. He thought it was pretty cool, not sure what the cow thought though…

Going on the roller coaster with Daddy!

Flying airplanes in the Kidway!

This ride won the award for most annoying sounds, the horns were agonizing.

Oh yes, and who could forget the world’s worst Elvis. We saw that there was going to be an Elvis impersonator and Ty really wanted to go. So we headed over to the stage about 15 mins before the scheduled start time so we could get a seat (and I could rest my foot!). 45 minutes and an agonizing AARP birthday presentation later, this man walked up onto the stage. I honestly think Tony could’ve done a better impersonation than this guy did. You know it’s bad when a 3 year old says “Mommy, that’s not Elvis!” LOL

Attempting to enjoy Elvis

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Pixel Fairy Princess - Th MN State Fair must be one of teh best 😀 One of my China Mom’s was there with her little girl this weekend too 😀 Elvis (even if it is the worst) and corn dogs – does life get any better!I just love the color pop in these images!Ladybug hugs,Debbie

Laurel - Hahaha, great photos! I love fairs too! We didn’t get around to going to the OC county one this year, bummer! :) Enjoyed reading your stuff though — felt like I was there.

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