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Caught in the Act

The other night as I sat downstairs watching TV at about 10:15. I thought Ty was tucked away into bed and Tony was enjoying reading his magazines up in our bedroom. I went upstairs to turn the printer on and noticed that Ty’s door was open a little bit. I assumed he was sleeping though. Just before I went into the office, I glanced into the bedroom to see what Tony was doing, and this is what I saw. Of course I had to grab to camera to catch them in the act.

Apparently, Ty had come into our room and told Tony “I need to read magazines with you” and like any good Daddy, Tony let him. When I asked Ty what he was doing he replied, “I just reading my magazine with Daddy”. He was reading Men’s Health. I didn’t have the heart to get mad even though it was way past his bedtime, I had to just let him enjoy this fun moment with Daddy.

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Laurel - Oh my gosh, that’s priceless! And such the scrapbooker — get out that camera before you do anything else! :) Too cute.

Caroline - This is so cute … both together!

Mrs P - That is so adorable! Look how happy he is. :o)

Sarah - Too funny! (love your bedding, too)

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