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16 weeks!

Ok, so I’m really 17 weeks now, but here is my “growing belly” shot from last weekend when I was 16 weeks. We have our ultrasound scheduled for October 29th. Hopefully baby will cooperate and we’ll be able to see what the gender is!! I’m pretty sure it’s another boy, just because of how similar everything has been to how it was the last time around. I’m carrying the same and feeling the same…
So, what’s your guess?
Just for comparison purposes, this is me with Ty at 16 weeks as well. It will be intersting to see if it’s another boy or not since I think they look pretty similar!

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Caroline - With my belly for the second one, it was very different than the first one and I got a second boy …. so no guess here Amy! You never know until you see right!!

Becky Johnson - My pregnancy with Sara was very different than with Laura. We’ll just have to wait and see! Can’t wait!

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