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The Great Pumpkin!

Tonight, Halloween preparation was in full swing in our house.

First was the annual watching of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. This is Ty and Tony’s tradition every year for the two of them to watch it. It really is one of those timeless classics.

We also carved our pumpkin tonight. Last year Ty was barely able to do any part of it, but this year he was the official “pumpkin scooper” and scooped all of the seeds into the bag from the pumpkin. He also was the one that designed our face pattern this year on the Pumpkin Masters CD-ROM we used. So, it’s his very own creation this year!

He didn’t want to put his hands in it at all, but I did and he thought it was hilarious when I would pull out a handful of pumpkin guts! LOL

Here are some pics.
Sporting his Charlie Brown shirt for the big movie!

All ready to go on the pumpkin

Let the gutting begin!

All cleaned out

Ewww, pumpkin parts!

Poking the pattern into the pumpkin

All poked

Then I rubbed flour over the holes so I could see them easier (this is a great little trick I learned from Martha Stewart!)

Hey! A photo of yours truly!! Thanks to Tony for taking the pick of me carving.

Yay! It’s carved and ready for Halloween on Friday!

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Christy - Too cute Amy…I think you could give ‘Martha’ a run for her money!! :)

Caroline - Sweet pictures Amy! Cool pumpkin!! great trick, thank you!

Sarah - Great trick! If/when we carve pumpkins, I’m going to borrow it!Love Ty’s shirt!

Laurel - Fun times and so cute! Thanks for the flour tip, that’s a great one! :)

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