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Happy Halloween 2008

For once it was finally WARM out for Trick or Treating!! Last year I distinctly remember freezing my butt off out there and we only went to about 8 or so houses. This year though, we were out for an hour and a half!! We met up with the little neighbor girl across the street and hit up a slew of houses in our neighborhood. Here are some of my favorite photos from Friday night.
Tony’s witch:

Zeus even went out with us, he was a Hot Dog:-)

Ty was a fireman this year. He rode around on his firetruck in the front yard while we waited for it to get dark out. I think he’s starting to outgrow it a bit, but don’t tell him that! LOL

Best buddies!

This just cracks me up

Couldn’t get the kid in the pic, so his treat bag will have to do!

Our pumpkin that Ty designed

We had one small group of boys come and Ty got SO excited to hand out some candy. He stood at the door with 3 packages of M&M’s in his hands like this for about 5 minutes, but of course no one came since it wasn’t even dark yet!

His loot! That entire bag was filled by the end of the night.

And last, but certainly not least, Auntie Carissa trying on the pair of eyeballs he got at one of the houses.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween as well!

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Caroline - Looks like a great Halloween Amy! Lovely pictures of the little fireman and the one where he is waiting at the door! Lovely!!

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