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An Evening of Murder

The first few years Tony and I were married, we would get together with his parents and his Aunt Denise and Uncle Wally and go to a bed & breakfast that had a murder mystery dinner. Well, as soon as we had a child, we of course could no longer find the time to keep doing them every year.

They all have been able to keep doing them, but doing them in their own homes, but this was the first year that we re-joined in the fun! This year, Tony’s mom offered to host one in their home for all of us, including Amy & Scott and Sonya. We all had characters we had to play and a to die for meal was served to us by “FiFi” the French Maid.

Anyways, here are some hilarious (and I hope not too horrendous) photos of us all and our night of murder!

Faith even joined in on the fun!

Here was our party host, Mark. It was his wife, Victoria that was murdered. That is “FiFi” next to him.

Here is Christopher (Scott), Mark’s son, and Desiree (Amy), who was my daughter! LOL

Ah yes, and there’s Big Bill (sister to the departed Victoria) and his lovely wife (whose character name is slipping my mind at the moment!)

All of the boys together

Our crazy group!

When the curtain to the dining room was pulled down, there was Victoria’s body, lying on the floor!!

A photo of the lovely couple…they look so happy, don’t they?

And of course, our delicious dessert!

We had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year!

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