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Deer Hunting Widow

Well, it’s that time of year again. I think this is the 6th or 7th year that I’ve been abandoned for the deer hunting opener weekend. Sure, they say they’re going hunting for deer, but how come my husband has yet to actually ever get one?

Last year, he managed to fall out of a tree while climbing up to his deer stand. I guess I was just happy that he made it home alive and that the shotgun he landed on wasn’t loaded at the time. His new gadget this year was this lovely head light. He’s been wearing it around the house for the last week and has even gotten Ty to wear it. I should try to get a picture of him with it on. Now that would be some great blackmail material! I highly doubt that this device will break his fall if he falls again this year, but who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and it will help him to see a deer at 4 am in the pitch black wilderness. Either that, or he can see the bear below his stand and try to blind him with it…
So, that leaves Ty and I to fend for ourselves for the weekend. We have a lot of fun things planned to make the time go by quickly, but it’s amazing how much you miss someone once they’re gone and realize how much they do!
So, happy hunting to all you hunters out there and happy shopping to all the widows out there too!

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Sarah - Well, he’d better not shoot that deer at 4 a.m. in the pitch black – wait on daybreak! 😉Glad he wasn’t hurt falling last year. Not to try to scare you – just a similar type story – a pastor in the Association I work for didn’t harness himself while he was inthe stand (and it didn’t have rails) fell out and broke his back in several places. Thankfully they were able to “fix” it, but it was a long road. So tell your beloved to BE CAREFUL!My DH has been invited to go bear hunting this weekend. I hope he doesn’t. I told him, “You know they can climb, right? You can’t get away from them if they come after you!” But I like the light!

Christy - I am joining you in the ranks of hunting widows this weekend! My hubbie is out of state for a week!! DH was told that a harness was no longer an option, now that children are in the picture! Of course, that doesn’t help the climbing up part!! Hope you guys have fun and will pray for a safe return of all our hunting husbands!!

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