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The Hunter is home and alive

Oh wait, that’s not a deer you say. You’re right it’s not. But that’s the only thing my hunter saw this weekend. Yes, folks, that’s a wolf. A Timerwolf to be exact.

Now, a wife could hope that if her husband were to encounter a wolf in the woods, that he would be up in his deer stand, where the wolf couldn’t attack him, but not my lucky husband. He was walking down the trail when he spotted this lovely creature. Fortunately, he had a pistol with him and it ran away as soon as it saw him, but I couldn’t help but be a bit nervous after he told me about this experience on Saturday night.

Fortuantely, Tony’s friend ended up getting a doe and a buck early sunday morning, so our family will be able to enjoy some lovely venison sausage this year (thank you Scott!)

One funny story about Ty and all this though. Last night when Tony got home, they had Scott’s buck in the back of his truck, so we showed it to Ty (don’t worry, it wasn’t gory or anything). Ty thought it was cool and we came back in the house and this was our conversation:

Ty: “Mommy, why doesn’t the deer talk?”

Me: “Well, buddy, when Daddy went hunting, they shot the deer and they killed it so that we could eat some beef sticks from it and sausage” (yes, I know there were probably better ways to explain this to a 3 year old, but I was on the spot and didn’t want to lie to him!)

Ty: …after some contemplation about this “Well, that wasn’t very nice!!” and he was quite disgusted with his father! LOL

Wolf photo by: Paul Hyde

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Sarah - Lol, Ty! Priceless.Glad you’ll be enjoying some venison this year! And glad the wolf ran away!

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