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Have you played the Grocery Game??

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this before, I think it’s been around a year or two. But I have been doing it since the end of August and it is so fun and addicting. And, oh yeah, you can save a TON of money!

A brief rundown of how it works is that you are provided a list for the store(s) that you shop at each week. The list shows you which products are at the best prices that week using a combination of store sales and coupons. The theory is that you stock up when the prices are the lowest and save a LOT of money over time.

I’ve been saving on average about 40% each week! To get the full scoop on what it’s all about click here: What is the Grocery Game?

You can try it out for $1 for 4 weeks with no commitment to continue if you don’t like it. It’s been great for us, so I just had to share with everyone!

If you do decide to sign up and give it a try, you can put my email address in as your referral (if you feel so inclined!), which is

Happy gaming!

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Christy - Hey! I have been a grocery gamer for about 3 years now! It was quite an addiction…until I had a second child and found digital scrapping! LOL! I do still use one list for my main grocery store and love it! So easy!

Laurel - What a cool idea! I’ll have to try it out (and I’ll definitely refer ya). :)

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