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Proud Mommy Day!

We just had Ty’s first preschool conferences. It’s so nice to hear from someone outside of our family that he is such a good boy. We had to fill out a goal sheet and we put down that our goal was for him to follow directions well, to listen well and to interact and socialize with the other kids. They said that he is such a sweet, sweet boy and always does all of those things really well (now, if we could just get him potty-trained!)

Bu, our most proud moment was when she took out a sheet of paper that had 4 boxes on it. They were asked to draw themselves, their name, their house and a tree. He made a circle for himself (she said that was a really big deal that he knew to draw a circle and could actually do it) and ub the next box, he wrote his NAME!!! It was clear as day and we couldn’t believe it! We knew he’d been able to write the letter T for a while now, but he’s never gotten the Y down at home. But sure enough, he wrote it perfectly (the Y was even lower case and went in the right direction, which I’m sure was a fluke!) She said she was blown away by it and that was at a Kindegarten level for him to be doing that.

We’re so proud at how well he’s doing in preschool. We knew he loved it, but to see that he’s excelling and learning so much, just makes all of those days/nights that are rough at times totally worth it and we feel like we’re actually doing a GOOD job at being parents!:-)

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Megan - Awww, that’s awesome! Go Ty!! =)

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