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Being sick stinks…

You know what stinks even more? Being sick on your birthday.:-(

I had a sore throat for most of the week, but last night everything got much worse and today the box of Puffs Plus is my best friend. Hopefully it will pass soon, but it really stinks to be sick when you’re pregnant because there isn’t much that you can take to relieve symptoms.

Excuse me while I go throw myself a pity party…

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Christy - I’m so sorry you are sick sweetie! Take good care of yourself and celebrate for a whole week, when you feel better! :)

ckochs - So sorry to hear you are sick-that’s no fun…hopefully you were able to squeeze in some Birthday cake! Take care! Love you!Cindi

Sarah - It does stink to be sick when you’re pregnant. But it stinks even worse to be sick while pregnant on your birthday…feel better soon!

Pixel Fairy Princess - It does and we are ;(Ladybug (COUGH) hugs,Debbie

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