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The PUS Man

Every day around 5:15 or so the man that makes me happy in his brown truck drives by our house. Tony and Ty sit there and wonder “Will the PUS Man stop at our house today?” I’ve been really lucky the last week or so. He’s stopped about 5 out of the last 7 days to deliver me my packages of things that I’ve ordered online! Today, I’m waiting for some shoes that I ordered, but I don’t think he’ll be brining them since they were shipped via USPS. Here are my shoes, I cannot wait to get them, I’m in desparate need of some new winter shoes.
Oh, so you might be wondering what the PUS Man is…can you figure it out? Remember, we have a 3 year old…Nope? Ok, well, the PUS Man is really the UPS man. We live right by a large UPS sorting facility and Ty has been seeing the brown UPS trucks for quite a while now. When he was smaller, he used to always ask us what they were and we would say “UPS truck”. Well, probably about 18 months or so ago, he got the first two letters mixed up and called it the “PUS truck” and it just sort of stuck (we did correct him, but you have to admit it’s kind of cute!)

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Sarah - Cute shoes!

Angela - Very cute shoes!! i want! Ty is just precious!Angela

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