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Happy Birthday Bridget!

On Friday night we went over to Ty’s friend, Bridget’s house to celebrate her 3rd birthday!  It was really fun to get the whole group together and even have most of the Dad’s come too!  This little group has been together since they were babies when we met in ECFE class.  We have been able to keep getting together on a regular basis over the last couple of years and have made some wonderful family friends!

The crazies! From left to right: Eyoel, Tyson, Riley & Bridget

Ty enjoying his ravioli

The awesome cake that Bridget’s mommy made

Time to blow out the candles!

Thoroughly enjoying their cake. Ty even had 2 pieces! The legs were made out of twinkies, hence the cream filling!

This coffe mug was all the rage

Cute birthday girl!

Green frosting lips!

Pass the coffee mug!

They thought it was hilarious that their tongues turned green

Thanks Sara and Dave for having us over, we had an awesome time!! And Happy Birthday to Bridget!!

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