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Trimming the Tree

Saturday we continued our tradition of putting up our Christmas Tree. I LOVE our tree. All my life, I always wanted a tree with all white lights. I also have a white/silver snowflake theme throughout the great room in our house and of course, that includes the tree! Someday when we move to a bigger house, I would love to get a second tree to decorate in colors, more of like a family tree, but for now, I get to enjoy my dream tree that I have waited for all my life.

Of course a day in our house isn’t complete without watching the Polar Express movie. I do love this movie, but it does get old after about the 5th time before it’s even December…

Decorating the tree Saturday night

Ty was obsessed with these silver “filler” balls that we have. He insisted on putthing them all on himself. He put all of them in the same bottom area of the tree, then proceded to have a meltdown when we used them all up and we didn’t have enough to put one on every.single.branch.

Of course, I didn’t have the heart to move them and make my tree look all perfect. I just couldn’t do it. They make me chuckle ever time I walk past them.

So, here’s the finished product!

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Cammie - very prety! Mallory did the same thing with the ornaments.

scrapperjen - VERY pretty! And we leave the ornaments where the kids hang them – people know we have kids…Polar Express – love that one!

Sarah - Very pretty! Love Ty’s cluster of ornaments!

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