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Christmas in My City

One of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is putting my Christmas in the City village up. I haven’t been able to add many pieces to it the last year or so because we simply don’t have anymore room for any more, but it’s still so much fun to look at every winter. I hope in our next house that I can have a better setup for it than we do now (on top of the piano!)

It makes me feel like I’m downtown enjoying the holidays when I look at the little people and scenes.

Ty continued the tradition of breaking one of your mommy’s village pieces that I started with my mom back when I was a kid. This was the first year I let him help me open up all the little boxes and take the people out. He dropped this one and broke it, but then of course 10 mins later, I dropped a different one and broke it! Thank goodness you can glue them back together!
Broken Baker

This is of the St. Paul Cathedral where we live.

This is one of my faves, it’s supposed to be like Tavern on the Green in NYC.

This was my first village piece ever. I got it the year we got married (hence the wedding shoppe) and it has a little plaque with “Amy & Tony, April 27, 2002” on the side of it. Makes me smile.:-)

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Cammie - amy that is ADORABLE!!! makes me want to put mine up instead of procrastinating…the pics are great…is that with your super low F stop camera? If I were getting a lens…(wink wink) it would be a 18-200mm with the same fstop of 3.5…I hope I can still get a somewhat blurred effect with it

Amy Lemaniak - You should be fine with that lens, Cammie. I think anything under a f/5 will still give you a nice blurred background. :-)

Caroline - This is stunning! Wonderful village Amy!

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