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Let it Snow!

We’ve been getting a nice steady stream of snow over the last week or so here.  Tonight we’re expecting another 3-6″, so we should have about 10″ total by the end of this round.  I don’t mind it though (maybe since my commute is about 1 minute) and it actually makes it feel a lot more like Christmas. 

This year, Ty is REALLY into playing in the snow, which is a welcomed thing.  In previous years, he has wanted NOTHING to do with the white stuff.  But now, every time goes out to shovel, he’s right behind him.  It’s been pretty interesting getting on all of the snow gear though now that he’s pretty much potty trained.  I’m just waiting for him to say “I have to go potty” 2 seconds after I get the jacket zipped and the last boot on.  But, so far, so good.

Here is Daddy and his big helper boy shoveling this weekend. 

That’s his little shovel from his Power Wheels, but he seems to think it works as a snow shovel too…

Zeus couldn’t miss out on the outside fun either

Trying out the big shovel

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Launa - Priceless photos! I love them! Nothing like a little guy so bundled up he can’t walk! 😉 Kinda reminds me of “The Christmas Story” Too cute! Pretty dog too BTW!Blessings,Launa 😀

Tracey - You can keep the snow up there. : ) I love little boys who want to do what their Daddy is doing! He’s so cute helping Tony shovel.

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