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Christmas Cookie Craze

Every year I take one day off of work to do all of my Christmas baking. This year, I took last Friday off since we were having people over on Saturday. Last year I did it earlier, and we barely had any cookies left by the time Christmas Day rolled around. So, I waited a bit longer this year. This year I made:

Ty really did a great job in helping me in the morning. He is getting great at cracking eggs, measuring and stirring.

Of course he loved licking the beaters and spatulas even more after the doughs were made!

Spritz cookies

The cookie press has to be one of the greatest inventions ever!


He’s so good at cutting them out too now!

Thank goodness my sister came over to help me finish up decorating because I was SO exhausted from baking all day.

Being goofy

Now we know where he gets it!

Chocolate thumbprint cookies

One of Carissa’s designs

She made a stocking for each of us and even one for Squirt (our Elf on the Shelf)

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Sarah - Way to go, those look great! I admire all you baking experts!

Launa - You have such patients to cook with a toddler! Looks awesome!! YUM!!

ckochs - Awe…Ty is going to be the best husband…Can we have an “arranged marriage set up for Hannah and Ty?Very cute! Merry Christmas!

Mandy - Yeah for Christmas cookies. You made a bunch of different kinds. Can’t believe you take a day off work to bake, that’s one dedicated cookie baker!

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