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Christmas Eve 2008

I can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone. All of the time, preparation and stress is now behind us and we can revel in the memories that were made this year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Over the next few days, I’ll post our photos from our Christmas this year. There are a LOT, so I apologize in advance for the excess of them!

Every Christmas Eve we go over to Tony’s Mom & Dad’s house. It’s always a great time and this year was even more special since Amy’s fiance, Scott, was with us for the first time. It’s crazy to think that next year we will have a 9 month old with us as well (and maybe Amy & Scott will have one on the way?!).

My poor Mother in Law had her oven give out halfway through cooking our delicious annual prime rib. It definitely provided a good story to reflect on over the years ahead. They tried to take it over to Bev’s mom’s house, but couldn’t get into the house. Then, we thought we’d just cook it on the grill. The guys dusted the snow off of it, fired it up and the roast caught on fire, not more than 30 seconds later, it died since it ran out of propane! So, off to the neighbors we went in our last attempt to cook the darn thing. Thankfully, their oven was free and we had a delicious dinner after all of that.

Anyways, now onto the photos!

The Lemaniak Family annual Christmas photo

Ty really loved Grandma Bev’s Santa that reads these little books this year. Here they are enjoying it together.

Being silly while we tracked Santa on the computer

Tony and Ty have been reciting parts of Charlie Brown Christmas, here they are doing the part where they are trying to get Schroeder to play Jingle Bells.

Ty and Scott watching the Grinch

My cute hubby:-)

Grandpa Wayne & Grandma Bev

A rare picture of just the two of us!

Brother & Sister

Bride & Groom to be!

The Amy’s

Attempt at getting a decent shot of me and my boy, but this is what he’s like, so might as well capture it in the photo!

Ty and Auntie Amy

The silly boys

Proud grandparents

Pretty Christmas table

Grandpa Wayne got out the Night Before Christmas to read to us all.

Tony’s cousin Josh played Santa for the 2nd year. He did a great job.
Here Ty could just hear Santa’s bells outside the front door.


Pure excitement and joy

Telling Santa that he’s been a good boy this year

Santa brought these red noses for everyone and we all sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Tony even wore one

Opening the present that Santa brought

Hugs from Santa

I love this photo of him, it looks almost magical

Time to open the rest of our gifts!

Every time he would open a gift, he would say “Ohhhhh, geez!!” and get super excited

He got so many great games that he already loves playing

Giving Faith a hug

Annual Christmas Even Jammies

Playing with his new garbage truck, he LOVES it!

Some cookies and milk for Santa back at home

Santa was here

That’s all from Christmas Eve! More to come from Christmas Day

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Tracey - You got some great pictures, Amy! Your family is gorgeous and you are glowing. I love your top!

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