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Christmas Morning 2008

Chrstimas morning was always one of my fondest memories as a kid. But I have to say it’s even more fun when you have children of your own to anticipate their excitement and joy and see their eyes light up when they see that Santa has arrived! Ty was sure when he woke up that Santa had not come to our house because he hadn’t heard him say “Ho, Ho, Ho”, so after convincing him that Santa quietly came and went, he headed downstairs to see for himself.

Spotted the big present!

Tearing into it

SO happy that he finally got his transport truck!

Onto the stocking!

Lego diggers!

MN Gopher Zambone

Onto the last little bag that Santa brought

Some new underwear since Santa is SO happy that he’s a big boy now and is finally potty trained (our greatest Christmas gift of all!)

His transport truck that he wanted to desperately

More stocking fun

The aftermath…I shudder to think what it will be like next year with 2 kids!

A VERY happy boy

Time for some breakfast! My mom always made this awesome Ham & Egg Brunch Bake every year. But since Tony doesn’t like eggs and Ty probably wouldn’t eat it, I’ve given up hope of continuing the tradition. So, this year, we tried something new. Pillsbury refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls, they were REALLY good and everyone liked them.

Being a very silly boy


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Kelly Syferd - So cute! And we always have those cinnamon rolls Christmas morning. I buy 2 rolls and then line them up so they look like a Christmas tree.

Tracey - Check your title, dear. You have a hard time with Christmas don’t you? : ) I just showed Mitchell pictures of Ty’s transport truck. He said when he is 6 he will come to Ty’s house and play with it! LOL. I knew he would like it. Where did you get it? I don’t remember seeing it at Target.Mitchell also has those Legos. Although I couldn’t even venture to put those together now b/c the pieces are mixed in with the thousand other Legos that he has!

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