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Christmas Day 2008

After we finished up our breakfast and I got our ham in the oven, our family began to arrive. We have all of my side over on Christmas day and this year even my step-brother and step-sister were in town from Canada with their significant others, so we had some additional guests!

We had some Ham with this great glaze, my mom made Giada’s mashed potatoes and had green bean casserole and lots of other things to go with it. It all actually turned out pretty good too! Usually I screw something up, but this year I managed not to somehow!

We had a really fun day, Carissa brought over her Wii which provided hours of endless entertainment of course and everyone ended up staying much later than we all ever thought, it was SO much fun!!

Of course, here are some photos.

One of the best parts of Christmas, cookies!

I LOVE my dinnerware that I got a few years ago for Christmas. It’s the only time of year that it gets used, but I just love it and it’s from TARGET of all places! Ha!

Got this fabulous appetizer thing on Xmas eve, worked great for our apps!

Everyone enjoying some snacks

My step-mom and step-sister

The Garbage Man still going around collecting his garbage! Hey, wait a second, why is the DRIVER guy from his Transport truck in there??

Opening presents!

Cool new GeoTrax airplane

Bow issues…

More legos for Mommy to assemble!

My sister got all sorts of new excercise equipment, here she is testing out one of them (I know she’ll be mad that I posted this, but that’s the beauty of it being MY blog! LOL)

After all of the presents were opened, I realized I hadn’t gotten the Sing Stand that I REALLY wanted super badly. I was SURE that SOMEONE had to have gotten it for me, but it was ok. Then, my mom and step-dad surprised me with one more box that was in their trunk. Guess what is was?!

And guess who loves it even more than I do?! We are in SO much trouble now!

He was singing to the Go Fish Guys Snazzy song here and waving his hands over his head just like they do when they perform.

Here is a video of him singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider by the Go Fish Guys. Yeah, I think he’s got that performance gene in him from me…
Time for a little guitar hero!

Arlene & Cory boxing on the Wii

More singing, apparently when he’s on the couch, it’s his “stage”…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 2008. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. I hope that your new year brings you joy and happiness. For us, 2009 will be a year of change, but hopefully it will all be good!

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