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A few things in Pink!

Now that the holidays hubub is over with, I guess it’s time we focus on getting ready for this baby!! At first when we found out we were expecting a baby girl, we were in quite a bit of shock because all we’ve ever known is boy, boy, boy! And our boy is ALL boy too!
But, we’ve adjusted to the idea of having some pink in our lives and now I get to go pink crazy! Here are a couple of things that we’ve gotten for her that I’m really excited about.
First, I found a going home outfit for her. It just looks so warm and cozy and with her being due in March, it could be pretty cold out still.
Another thing that we got as one of our gifts for Chrstimas was her bedding. I’m SO excited to do her room. I’ve always loved the pink/brown color combo and now I finally get to have it in a room in our house! We’re going to paint the walls a light tan color, so it won’t be pink overkill, but I just love this bedding (don’t worry, we don’t have all the “matching accessories” to go with it!)
Now, of course we’re putting our money on the u/s tech that told us she was “pretty sure” this baby was a girl. But, just to err on the side of caution, we’re going to keep all of our boy clothes around until she’s actually here and not going to wash the bedding until then either.:-)

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Beth - As a mom to 3 girls… I love the knitted outfit! How cute! I am hoping for some boys as grands, tho!

Launa - I know how to do girls! Let me know if you need any advice! LOL!! And maybe someday you can return the favor for me! 😉

Angela - you are going to love having a little girl!! I love the pink/brown combo, VERY pretty!!

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