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A new home for our photos

In the last few months, I had heard a lot of GREAT things about a site called SmugMug for storing and sharing photos on. So, I took them up on their offer for a 14-day trial and let’s just say, I loved them enough to purchase a membership after 3 days!

There are a lot of great ways that you can organize your photos and the gallery customization is so much more user friendly and capable then that of Shutterfly or Snapfish.

So, if you have a TON of photos, like I do, you might want to consider checking out SmugMug too. If you end up joining and storing your photos with them, you can say that you were referred by if you’d like.

Here’s the link to our SmugMug site where I’ve loaded all of our photos from 2008 and most from 2007 as well.

The Lemaniak’s SmugMug Site

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Cammie - and it’s blocked by my company. awesome. I will check it out at home

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