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Random Monday Musings

Just some random things I thought I’d share that have made me laugh over the last week.

Ty thought if he looked into my belly button, he would be able to see the baby in there. Wouldn’t that be creepy if you could see them in there??

Funny 3 year old quote from the other night “My mouth is all heated up from talking”.
No idea what this means or where the heck it came from, but I’m thinking he talks too much??!

Tony took Ty to the Minnesota Zoo today, one of the dolphins they have there is pregnant and is due in March too. So, last night I was telling Ty about how one of the dolphins is pregnant too and due when I am due. I explained that she had a baby dolphin in her belly. Then he asked how will she come out, so I told him she would have it in the water, because Dolphins have to always be in the water. He said “That’s silly, she needs to go to the hospital like you, Mommy, to have her baby dolphin.”

I just love 3 year old logic!

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Mandy - Aren’t kids the best?

Sarah - So cute! Love the things kids say!

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