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This weekend we made a little bit of progress on Ms. Bailey’s new room. The curtains came in (although I need to order more clips to hang them with). Here’s a glimpse of them and the new wall color.

We also got the furniture ordered, but of course nothing ever goes according to plan. I had had my eye on a long dresser and a bookcase from JC Penney for the last few months, but we were just waiting to order it. It came in the perfect color and was pretty much exactly what I had wanted. All through the holidays, it remained in stock and at full price, no indicators of it going away any time soon. Well, Saturday I happened to check to see if it was still available and the long dresser no longer came in the color we wanted!! I was SO mad! Fortuately, they came out with this changing/dresser combo that I think will work just as well. We have to scrap the bookcase idea now though and get a tall dresser instead since we don’t have much storage space in the closet in her room.

So, here’s what we ended up getting.

and this is the tall dresser

Of course they are both backordered too!! The one isn’t expected to come in until the end of February!!:-(I hope it’s an overestimate though.

Since I was feeling sorry for myself, I ordered this lamp with the pink shade too and am going to add some brown and pink ribbon trim that I picked up at Michael’s to the lamp shade. I think it will turn out cute.

So, that’s our little update on Bailey’s room. It’s SO much fun to do a girl room and it’s really coming together nicely. Now, if Tony would just get out the crib and all of the other baby stuff, we’d be in REALLY good shape!

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Tracey - How frustrating! But everything you picked out looks great and I’m sure it will all come together.

D - WE know that one all to well! Li Li still doesn’t have a head board after two years!!! First is was on back order and then discontinued and so I gave up ;-(I just want to thanks you for all the plugs on the blog 😀 You are so sweet and I was so excited when I found the yarn for Miss Bailey today 😀 I am still reveling 😀 Better get off the computer and go knit – LOL!Ladybug hugs,;D

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