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Making a Lunch

Whoever thought that making a simple little lunch for my boy would stir up so many emotions. I’m sure being pregnant has something to do with it though! This morning I found myself making Ty’s first “official” school lunch. I realize many of you probably do this for your kids, but I guess we’ve never had to up until now!

At his preschool, they’ve started doing the “Lunch Bunch” once a month where you can pay $6 and they will keep the kids until 1:00 (they normally are done at 11:45). This is a new fundraiser they’re trying out and I think it’s brilliant (and I don’t have to sell candy bars or other junk!)

Last month we didn’t sign up and Tony said Ty was SO SAD when most of his little buddies were all staying for the Lunch Bunch and he wasn’t. So, we made sure to sign up for this go around. So, of course yesterday Tony called me and said “don’t forget to make Ty a lunch”. And it hit me as I was standing in the kitchen this morning spreading peanut butter on his little sandwich, getting out his Lightning McQueen lunch box and putting it all together. He’s just SO big now and no longer a baby or even a toddler for that matter. He’s a tried and true little boy.

If we think back to a year ago, he had just gotten his “big boy bed” and he still seemed like a cute little toddler. So much has changed in him in the last year, it’s utterly amazing. He can hold lenghty conversations with us about a variety of topics, knows practically every player on the Wild and Twins and all of their numbers, and he’s thriving and learning SO much at preschool. The amount of knowledge he has just blows us away every single day.

Anyways, sorry I got a bit carried away there. It’s just funny how one little thing like that can trigger so many thoughts and emotions about your kids.:-)

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Pixel Fairy Princess - OMG – I know! Li Li stayed for afternoon friends – the same thing – only we normally pick up at oe and she stays till two. She wanted to SO badly and I thought – OMG – She just started pre-school and she is already doing after-school stuff! Ladybug hugs,;D

Nicole - How fun is that?!?

Mandy - They grow so fast don’t they? Sometimes Tony and I talk about how our Zoe is a kid now, not a toddler, not a baby, but an all out kid. So I can relate. We blinked and it happened. Happy sandwich making mom!

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