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Sunday was just a lazy day around our house, my favorite kind! We all slept in until 8:30 or so, got up and had pancakes for breakfast and just lounged around and really didn’t accomplish much of anything (well, we did get the crib out of storage). Apparently doing nothing is very exhausting to a 3 year old as at around 4:30, Ty climbed up into the glider in our family room and got awfully quiet. I turned around and this is what I saw.

Cashed out COLD in the glider. He still had his jammies on too (yes, they are his Halloween jammies, but you pick your battles, right?!) He was just so cute sleeping there and he stayed that way for and hour and a half! It was just too cute to resist taking some pics of him.:-)

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llaxton - Aren’t pictures of sleeping kiddos just the cutest thing? I just love em!

Tracey - Remember Mitchell has that same pair. And he wears them all of the time! They weren’t just Halloween pjs for him either! I love them though…the quality is so good. And then there is the added benefit of glowing in the dark. : )

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