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Baby Bailey's Room – Almost done!

The last couple of weeks, we’ve (well, mostly I) have made a lot of progress on Miss Bailey’s room. We’re still waiting for the big dresser to arrive, but I hope it will be here around the first week of March, then we’ll be pretty much done I think other than odds and ends here and there.

I ordered wooden letters from eBay that should be here this week for her name, they will go on this wall above the crib. We LOVE the changing table/dresser that came. I of course had to put it together at 10 pm at night the day it came 😛

Closeup of her bedding (we still haven’t washed it yet, b/c we’re afraid we will jinx her being a girl if we do, so my mom said she would come wash it after she’s born while we’re at the hospital!)

This chair is the greatest thing! It’s a medical lift chair that my grandpa had before he passed away. It has heat, massage and reclines and lifts up with the remote control as well. I can’t wait to use it! We did get a slipcover for it and I’m really happy with how it looks with it on (it was blue before).

I found this 2-sided ribbon and attached them to these frames from ebay. After she’s here, I’m planning to take some pics of her and put them in there instead. But for the time being, Tony thought it would be cute to make little layouts of her initials, so that’s what’s in there now.

One of the Uppercase Living expressions, this is the wall where the taller dresser will go.

Another little project, I put this ribbon along the trim of the lamp. The same ribbon will be used to hang the letters on the wall.

And, because they are just TOO adorable not to share, here are the headbands I got off of Etsy. LOVE them! One is in Plum, and the other is a gorgeous Lime Green color. They are from the PrettyBabyBowtique!

Thanks for looking!

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llaxton - awww…Aren’t girls fun? It is all so cute!

Becky Johnson - Are you having a girl? Ha! Gorgeous – all of it!

Michelle - So pretty!!would you like to decorate my house?

busymom - That is so awesome! I love you room. I have been ordering Uppercase Living too for our new house. As soon as I know if I’m having a boy or girl, I’m going crazy! I noticed your link to them but you have to have a demonstrator to order. If anyone is interested, my lady is amazing. Tell her Gina sent you!

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