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Getting ready for V Day

I’ve never really been a big fan of Valentine’s day.  My sister calls it “Singles Awareness Day” and boycotts the holiday every year.  I don’t take it to that extreme, but we really don’t do anything to celebrate it.  Maybe just eat some little chocolates and give each other a card, but that’s the extent of it, and that’s fine by me. :-)

But now with Ty in preschool, they are having their little Valentine Party on Thursday and our February Family Project was to make a little box of sorts for them to collect their Valentine’s in from their friends.  Of course I took this one and ran with it.  He didn’t really help as much as he has in past projects (i.e. Tom Turkey), but he did help me pick out some of the images we put on it.

I found this great Chipboard box at Michael’s for about $4 and saw an idea in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine to print things off onto this awesome Rub-Onz paper.  So, I ordered some of the paper and gave it a shot.  I think the box turned out pretty good!

Tony says it’s a bit girly, but who cares, it’s VALENTINE’S day, pink and red!  I was really excited to make this box and Ty says he likes it, so frankly, that’s all that matters.

So, here it is!  I can’t wait to do some more little projects with this paper, it rocks!

Love Always Collection Biggie
Assemble Your Own: Love Always Flowers
Heart’s Desire Collection

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Launa - How adorable! Now fill me in!! Did you paint the box or cover it before using the rub onz paper? It looks like it worked great! Was it easy? 😉Happy Valentines Day! 😀

Mandy - Wow. That paper looks amazingly cool. He’s going to blow all the other kids’ boxes away. We’ve never been into valentine’s holiday either, but just got invited to go to a valentine’s party so my kids will get the fun of exchanging cards. I think we’re going to try and make cards tomorrow. i’m actually looking forward to celebrating the little holiday again.

Sarah - That looks awesome!

ScrapGirls Ro - How cute, Amy!

Carissa - Just for the record, I celebrated the holiday this year. It’s not that I’m bitter about the holiday at all, I just try to endorce a much better name for it! Lets just call it what it really is!!!

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