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I need to get cracking and order a shirt for Ty for when Bailey arrives so that he can get some attention about being a big brother.  So, CafePress was where I got his Big Brother To Be shirt that was a hit, so I’m back over there shopping for his new BB shirt to wear in a few weeks.  There are just too many cute ones though and I can’t decide which design to get.  So, you all need to help me vote, k?  Here are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to:



#3 – This has the design on both the front and the back




BB-LS Footprints Infant/Toddler T-Shirt
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You can vote in the comments, or I’ve set up a poll on the side of the blog too to vote.  Thanks for your help!

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Sara Pearce - I love #3, but #4 seems appropriate for your little athlete :)Sara

Tracey - I think #4 for Ty. It just looks like “him”.

Angela - I like 4 too… its a good boy shirt! he will be proud of it.

Nicole - I like #5

Anonymous - I LOVE number 6, but number 4 is definitely Tyson!!!Grandma Carla (Mom)

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