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The headless pregnant girl at 36 weeks

Yes, I am the head­less preg­nant woman.  Mostly because when I take my belly shots in the bath­room, I can’t get far back enough to include my entire head, so it’s just eas­ier to chop it off. :-)

Any­ways, I am now just over 36 weeks!  I had an appt on Fri­day and we’re mak­ing a lit­tle bit of progress, so that’s very excit­ing.  I’m anx­ious to see if any more progress is made this Fri­day when I go back.  Cross your fingers!

So, here’s my 36 week bump.  She’s def­i­nitely grow­ing and I think I “dropped” as well.

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llaxton - You and your head­less self are too funny! The time is get­ting closer!

Tracey - Beau­ti­ful belly! And surely your cam­era has a timer on it??! That is how I used to take my belly pics. : )

Christy - And what a cute bump it is! Head or no head! :)

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