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Fun at the Children's Museum!

On Saturday I decided to venture out one last time to the Children’s Museum just me and Ty.  We hadn’t been in there in at least six months and they have a great Clifford exhibit there that he’s been asking to go to.  I knew to go early in the day because on Saturday’s it gets REALLY busy after the lunch hour.  Good thing we did, that place was PACKED by the time we left around 11:30!

It’s been really fun to watch how he plays a little bit differently each time we go there.  We’ve had a membership there ever since he was about 18 months old and I remember being so worried he’d get trampled over by the “big” kids.  But now he’s one of the big kids and I have to remind him to watch out for the little ones that are toddling around trying to play too.

We could spend all day there if I’d let him, he just loves it.  His old faves are still his faves, but it’s fun to see him discover some of the things that he didn’t notice before too.

Anyways, onto some pics of course!

We had to check out Clifford first, before it got too crazy.  They had this giant dog bowl with big foam dog bones that you would put on a conveyor belt, then turn the wheel to get them up the belt and fall into the bowl.  He was OBSESSED with it!

Driving the boat at Clifford

Back to the bones. How many can one boy carry? I think three is the limit.

Of course you’re probably wondering what that is on his face. Well, no trip to the museum would be complete without some face paint on our cheeks. He does this every single time we go there!

Off to the Nature World area. He FINALLY got into this turtle for a pic!

The real turtle!

Thanks for looking!

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llaxton - Your such a good mommy! He looks like he is having a blast. I took Kylie to the Science Place here…she loved it!

Sarah - That looks like so much fun!

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