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Baby Shower!

My fabulous friend, Sally, hosted a baby shower a couple of weekends ago for me. It was small and intimate and so much fun! We really didn’t need too many things this time around, but I somehow got lucky enough to get all of the things I really wanted to get for this baby, so thanks everyone!!

Here are a few pics. My sister took them, and maybe I should bring her with me to the photography workshop I’m going to in June! LOL 😛

New bathtub, it’s so adorable and I can’t wait to use it. My aunt Karla wrapped it in this adorable towel with the pink feather boas! Too cute!

New crib acquarium. We LOVED this thing when Ty was a baby, he would play with it for quite a while after he’d wake up in the morning, which meant a few more minutes of shut eye for us!

SO excited to use the Bjorn this time around. We had a cheapie carrier with Ty and used it quite a bit, so I know this one will get even more use and it’s SO COMFY!!

“If Mommy Says No…Ask Grandma” onesie from my mom.:-)

My mother in law crocheted some GORGEOUS stuff for her. Here are some booties that were part of a little set. I can’t wait to put her in it!

Another gorgeous crocheted ensemble from Bev!

This is kind of funny. In January, my mom and sister and I went to Babies R Us to get all the things I needed for this time around. She got me my diaper bag that I wanted and said it was for my shower. Except, she wasn’t going to let me have it until then! Well, of course I was not about to let that fly because I really wanted to get it packed and ready to go for the hospital. So I promised her I would bring it when I had my shower to show everyone so she didn’t look cheap.:-)

Thanks again for coming ladies. I had a blast and you all are so very generous!

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nsmorinville - Hi Amy-glad to hear that you are going to the workshop in June…I am able to make it too. It’ll be great to meet you! Good luck in the weeks ahead as you prepare for the little one…it is definately a change, but a great one:)

Mandy - You look so cute! Looks like a fun shower. I love the handmade stuff! I also love what you’ve done with her room. So much love and work put into it!

Carissa - Are you saying I need work on my photography skills???? J/K!

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