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Update: Baby Pool!!

Wow, it’s been so much fun to see all of the guesses that have come in for the baby pool. It’s not too late to get in on the fun! If you’d like to join in, go here to fill out the form. You can pay your entry either via PayPal by sending your payment to or by giving us the money the next time we see you (which will hopefully be very soon!) If you’re not up for gambling, you can still get in on the fun of guessing, you just won’t be eligible to win the $$$$ if you’re the closest! Right now we have 17 guesses in the running and they are ranging from those that love me (and guessed in the next few days) to those that want me to suffer (and guessed into late next week). Also, everyone was kind enough to not guess that I was going to have some sort of ginormous baby (hopefully that will end up being the case!).

We’re going to close the pool at midnight on Thursday, March 12th. I have a doctor’s appointment the next day which will likely have a major update associated with it, so it’s only fair to close it before then. After it’s closed, I’ll put up the results so we can all sit and watch and wait to see who the two big winners will be!

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