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Bailey's Birth Story!

I finally had a chance to type up Ms. Bailey’s birth story. I’m pretty sure I’ve spared most of the gory details, but read at your own risk! LOL I’m also posting a few pics that I took of her last Wednesday using some of my new photography skills. I’m SO happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to take some more this week.

We’re doing really well. Her sleeping patterns have gotten MUCH better in the last few days, she even gave me a couple of 4 hour stretches last night!!

I’ve also decided that the Swaddle Me is the greatest invention in the history of the world. I’m a GOOD swaddler, but this thing is the BOMB!! I’m seriously going to get it for every single mommy-to-be that I know from now on.

So, enough chit chat, onto her birth story!

I had my last Dr.’s appointment at 4:15 on Friday afternoon. I didn’t see my usual doctor because she was out sick, so I saw one of the other OB’s in the practice. He stripped my membranes again, which they had done the week prior, but nothing resulted other than some cramping.

My mom took Tyson for the night just for fun, so Tony and I decided to go out to dinner at Jake’s. After dinner, I went to run some errands at Target and the fabric store. So, I did that and got home around 7 pm. Around then, I started having some contractions. They were definitely a bit more intense than the ones I had had earlier in the week, but I just chalked it up to what they had done at the Dr.’s office. So, I just kind of kept my eye on them, they were about 7-8 mins apart. Over the next couple of hours, they got a bit more intense and the feeling I had was “oh yes, that’s what this feels like, I remember now” and it all came flooding back.

I didn’t want to get overly excited thinking this may be the real thing, so I mentioned to Tony how they were feeling and they were picking up in intensity and frequency. He was supposed to start work at 9 that night and work until 5 am, so in an effort not to jinx things, I sent him to work. I told him I would call him if things kept up, but not to get too excited. Just be on alert. So, around 10 pm, they were about 4-6 mins apart, some closer than that, and they HURT. So, I called Labor & Delivery and described what was going on and they said it sounded like the real thing and that it was a good idea to head on in to the hospital.

I called Tony to come home and finished packing my suitcase for the hospital. He got home at about 10 and we headed out to the hospital.

We got all checked in at around 10:30 and settled into our room. At my appointment earlier in the day, I had been about 2.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced, same as the week before. So, the nurse came in and said if I was past a 3, that we’d be able to be admitted and have a baby! So, needless to say, we were very anxious to find out what I was at. She checked me, and I was at 3.5 cm!! Yay! So, we called our families and told them that we were going to have a baby tonight and that hopefully we’d have good news for them by the morning.

My awesome nurse, Beth, ordered my epidural up since it would take a little time for the anesthesiologist to get down to my room and they needed to get me hooked up to the IV. The anesthesiologist showed up about midnight and got my epidural started. I could tell something wasn’t quite right with it because it was shooting down my left side and I knew it hadn’t hurt this badly when I had one with Ty. But, I dealt with the pain and assumed it would work.

About an hour later, my whole left side was numb, as it should be, but I could feel every contraction very intensely in my right side (mind you, I was laying on my right side too). It HURT!! So, we called the anesthesiologist back and she attempted to adjust my epi. We gave it another hour or so, but still, I could feel everything on my right side. At this point I was really afraid that it wasn’t going to work and that I would have no choice but to suffer through the pain. Our last hope, was to completely take out the first epi, and redo it all over again. So, since it couldn’t get much worse, that’s what I opted for. We re-did the epidural and this time, thank goodness, it worked, and things evened out.

At this point it was about 2 am or so and I was already at about 8 cm. All the drama from the epidural had really distracted me from how long it took to progress, which really wasn’t all that long at all compared to Ty’s labor.

About 2:30, I was about 9-10 cm and really really wanted to push. I couldn’t yet though because the Dr. hadn’t yet arrived and my body wasn’t quite ready to push. So, I stuck out a few more contractions and about 3:00 am, Dr. Spence finally arrived. Shortly thereafter, I started to push. I was really happy that the epi was working because all I could feel was the pressure. With Ty’s delivery, I felt a LOT of pain, so this was a big relief to me. During my 2nd push or so, the Dr. said “Where did all this dark hair come from?” There went my hopes of having a blondie!

I pushed for about 10 minutes or so and at 3:15 am, Bailey Marie Lemaniak was born. She weighed 7 lbs and 1 oz, nearly 2 lbs less than her big brother was. She was 19 ¼” long, so a little string bean. She looked EXACTLY like Tyson did when he was born. That was the first thing I noticed about her was how much they looked alike. The Dr and nurses all sang Happy Birthday to her which was so cute and she was able to start nursing right away. She latched on like an old pro and nursed for a good half an hour.

The whole experience couldn’t have gone any better. I was so happy to have our girl here and to have such an easy labor and delivery. She’s just perfect and beautiful and has a full head of dark hair. The only big difference between her and Tyson is that her eyes *might* be blue! Ty’s were dark brown from the get go, but hers are the steely blue color that most babies have.

I got this cool cocoon thing on Etsy.


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llaxton - Aww…what a sweetie! You did good mom! (and dad too! 😉 )

Beth - Good Job momma! She is wonderfully beautiful!

Caroline - These photos are just too cute! And thanks for sharing!

Mandy - I might need to have another baby just so I can get a cocoon thing. LOL. She’s beautiful. I’m so glad your epidural finally took. What a relief it must have been by that point. Soak her in. Just sit and hold her and smell her and feel her soft skin a lot. Enjoy loving on her!

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