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It pays to be named Amy: Baby Pool Winners!

I guess the trick to winning the baby pool was to be named Amy!  I’m happy to announce the winners of our Lemaniak Baby Pool!  We collected $65 in the entries, so each of the payouts will be $32.50!

For the closest date and time guess, Amy C (a co-worker of mine) won with the only guess on March 14th at 3:15 pm.  I find it pretty strange that she was exactly off by 12 hours too, nice job Amy!!

For the closest weight and length, Amy L (my sister-in-law) won with the closest guess of 7 lbs, 3 oz. (birth weight was 7 lbs 1 oz) and with the length of 18.3″.  Congrats, Amy!

Thanks for playing everyone, it was a lot of fun to see all of the different guesses that came in!

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