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2 Weeks Old!

Yesterday marked 2 weeks since Bailey was born.  At some times, the days seem to be FLYING by, and other times, it just seems to be taking forever.  Each day gets a little bit easier, but all in all, we can’t complain.  She’s a really good baby and only cries when she needs to eat, be changed or cuddle.  She’s beginning to be awake more and more each day and is making new little cooing noises that are SO adorable.  It’s fun to start to see little pieces of her personality begin to emerge.

She is sleeping GREAT, but only when she’s in bed with me/us.  This isn’t our ideal situation, but right now, we’re just doing whatever works to get some sleep.  She’s napping relatively well in her crib during the day, but it seems at night, she really wants nothing to do with it and wakes up about every 10 mins after we put her in there.  But, we’ll get through it and hopefully she’ll get the hang of it in the next couple of weeks and we can have her in the crib at night and get our bed back!  This has proved to us that co-sleeping is NOT for us, but right now, it’s all that’s working to get some sleep, so we’re dealing with it. :-)

Here are some new pics I took early last week, when she was about 8 days old I think. It’s SO much fun taking pics of her and she’s been a great little model for me so far. :-)

I’ve been trying out a 30 day trial of Adobe Lightroom 2 and it’s really addicting and great for editing photos. I think I’m going to have to find a way to swing getting it…:-)

This is one of my favorites of her sleeping

Tiny hands (but her fingers are SO LONG!)

Before she fell asleep, her eyes are still blue, even though they look really dark here.

Ty is still doing great with her and loves to hold her all the time still. He gets really excited when she’s awake so that he can “play” with her too. He insisted I take his pic the other day when he was holding her.

We didn’t have many pics of Ty with Grandma Carla, so I had to make sure we got one of her and Bailey when she was here last week.

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llaxton - She is soooo precious! If you ever want to borrow some teenagers, just call!!!

scrapmin - She is just beautiful! What a sweet picture with the proud big brother holding her.

Caroline - These photos are adorable! Soo precious!!!

Laurel - What a gorgeous girl! You’re doing great with those photos, they’re so cute. And I love how Ty is such a great big brother. So fun to watch, isn’t it? :)

Carissa - What is Ty wearing??? Looks like no pants, and one sock??? LOL! Too funny! :)

scrapperjen - She’s beautiful! Congrats and I hope you all continue to do well!

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