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Isn't this what it's like some days???

I’d love to count how many times a day Ty says “Mom”, “Mama”…etc. Tony found this clip from Family Guy and it got me rolling because it’s totally how it is!

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Beth - About a year or so ago Lydia was in that phase of calling out my “mom” name… It was very annoying because she was probably 8 or 9 at the time…my older girls thought it was a hoot…and found this same U-Tube for me! It is very funny…Lydia caught on and would do the same “hi” and run! So my point being…it will get worse before better! lol

Caroline - ROFL too funny!! We are all in the same boat 😉

Susan Pittman - Oh, I remember those days well. Mom was said with such impatience. I began to think of it as a “four letter word.”

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