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Tyson's 4th Birthday – Family Style!

Ok, I know this is slightly belated, but there are some pictures from Ty’s family party that we had on April 11th.  This was the first year he was going to have a kids party, so we decided to have a separate party for the grandmas, grandpas and aunts & uncles.

So, onto the pictures!  He looks SO big in these!
This was the night before, when I made his cake. I’ve learned to take a pic of it as soon as it’s done, that way, if anything happens to it between then and the party, at least I have a photo of how it looked! LOL

My masterpiece! I did screw up in one place, but I’m not telling where 😉

Onto the party photos!
The first thing he opened was 6000 pieces of hell stickers. I never knew you could buy 6000 stickers in one package, but apparently you can! And Auntie Amy & Uncle Scott, we can’t wait to pay you back when you have kids!:-)

Love from Great Grandma

And Uncle Scott

Can’t forget about Ms. Bailey!

His cool new ball return

He got two autographed baseballs, one signed by Joe Mauer and the other by Justin Morneau!!

Stylish new bathrobe!

Everyone was dying to see what was in this giant package!

Getting closer!

It’s an autographed jersey signed by the 2008 Minnesota Twins team!

The Mighty Ducks movies from Auntie Carissa (he’s obsessed with them)

Hungry, Hungry Hippos!!

His jersey hanging in his room

Time for some cake!

Telling us that he’s FOUR!!

Blow out the candles!

Some serious Hippo smashing!

The autographed balls!

And a family picture!

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The Richards Family - Awesome pictures. Happy Birthday big guy.

Amanda Sok - oh man, he got some good stuff! happy bday little dude!

Megan - Wow! Looks like he made out like a bandit! Go Ty!

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