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How do you play with a baby?

Tyson will be happy to tell you how!  I remembered that we had done this with him when he was about Bailey’s age and it was so cute.  So, we showed him how he could stack these blocks up next to her and she would knock them over with her arms.  He LOVES doing it!  So, I had to snap a few photos of course of them “playing” together.  There’s not much that he can do with her at this point, but the few things he can, he loves doing.

Patiently waiting for her to knock them over

There she goes!

I love how she’s looking right at him here

Somehow it never gets old for either one of them.:-)

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Caroline - This is too cute Amy! Adorable!

llaxton - Awww..How sweet! Kylie had a Sesame Street video that taught you that to play with a baby, you cover your eyes and go peek-a-boo! lol She loved that and would do it with all the babies she came across.

Tracey - So cute and sweet!!

Sarah - So cute!

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