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Bailey is 5 Months Old!

I cannot believe that our little peanut is already 5 months old.  She’s such a joy in our lives.  Her big brother is seriously the best big brother I’ve ever seen.  Every morning he goes into his bathroom to get his little step stool and brings it into her room so he can peek up over the edge of her crib and see her (I need to take a picture of this b/c it’s SO cute!)  Then he talks to her and says “Good morning Princess!” and turns on her little rainforest toy and keeps her happy while we get up and out of bed.

I just love watching the two of them interact. The other day Ty said “I speak Bailey” and it’s so true!  He’s got all of her noises down to a tee and they love to scream/squeal back and forth at each other.  It’s too cute!

Anyways, here are some photos I took of her marking her 5 months.  She can now eat her toes, roll over both ways and eats lots of toys now.  No teeth quite yet, but I’m just waiting for them to make their appearance any day now.

Here’s our girl!
This is my new all time fave pic of her:

Who can resist that smile?

Seriously mom, what are you doing up there?

Strike a pose

Yes, i love to eat my toes!

Gosh, these things are fascinating!

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scrapmin - The pics are all SO adorable! I especially love the one where she's eating her toes. What a cutie!

Kelly R. - She is a total doll!!! I love it when babies grab their feet and try to put them in their mouth. Great shots!!!

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