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Happy Halloween and yes, I’m a bad blogger mommy!

Oh wow, I’m SUCH a blog slacker lately. But I’m not going to sit here and make a list of excuses as to why it’s been over 2 weeks since my last post. You all know how insanely busy our life is at the moment, so it is what it is…

Here are some photos from Halloween.  Well, technically this is the day before at Ty’s preschool Halloween party.  I”m planning to post the Halloween photos tomorrow or the next day (I promise!).

Miss B was a little cow. She was SO stinking adorable in her little costume!

Ty had a Halloween parade at preschool too.  They all parade around in their costumes for all of us parents to click our cameras away.  Here he is sporting his Spiderman costume.

His best buddy was in front of him too with his vintage Superman costume, so cool!

I told him to do his “Spidy stance” and this was what resulted, cracks me up!

Part of their class in the group photo!  I have him SO well trained to smile for the camera.  LOL

Another spidey stance!  LOL  They had a little carnival after the parade, so I hung out for a little while and watchen him play some games.

This is Ty’s new girlfriend too!  Aren’t her teeth To Die For?! LOL

Many of you know how obsessed he is with counting things.  Here one of the moms had asked him to do a simple math equation to figure out how many were left after he had eaten some.  He took it quite seriously! LOL

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