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More Halloween!

Now, onto Halloween night!  We had our first ever Halloween Party for the little ones and some of our good friends from our years of doing ECFE came over for a little pre-trick-or-treaing get together!

Ty and I took on the task of making some cupcakes for our party

I *lurv* purple frosting…yum!

Party favors for playing Pin the Tail on the Cat

Guess who decorated this one? LOL

Shake your sprinkles:-)

And yes, he pretty much used the entire container of sprinkles.:-)

Now, onto the fun!  My new fave pic of him as Spidey!

For some reason this totally cracks me up!

Our fun little party group (sans one member).  The shot is nearly a miracle.  They’re all looking at the camera and *almost* all are smiling!!

Our little Moo Cow <3

There’s our group!  Next year, we will have 2 more babies added to it, yay! And yay for it not being one of ours! 😛  Oh, and please note Tony’s awesome pumpkin bush that he decorated himself!:-)

Dead Spiderman…who will save the world now?

Crackin me up some more

One more of the most adorable cow ever!!

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Steph - Looks like so much fun!! And your kids look adorable. I love the little curley hair on your hugable cow :)

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