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Decking Our Halls…

This will probably be the last year that we’ll be in our little house for the Holidays (more to come on that soon I’m hoping!)  So, it was very bittersweet digging out all of our Christmas stuff.  We are taking it easy this year and I’m not putting up my Christmas in the City village, but it will definitely be up in our new house next year.   Tony was VERY happy to be digging everything out of the crawl space for the LAST time.  He only said maybe 15 curse words this year instead of the usual 50 or so:-)

Tyson was AWESOME at decorating the tree this year.  As you may recall last year, he concentrated the majority of the bulbs in ONE spot on the tree.  But this year, he was a decorating rock star and even wanted to put the star on the top on (which I tried to let him help with, but it’s Swarovski, man!)

Here’s Tyson hard at work and VERy focused

And since his Daddy was making weird faces and poses for the camera, guess who else had to do it??!

And I’m SO proud of myself for taking all of these without any flash (yay, me!)

More focus and concentration…

That smile…and my attempt at getting some Xmas tree bokeh!

What the Princess thinks of our Xmas tree…let’s pray she doesn’t start crawling until after it’s all down because then I think she’ll LOVE it!

And I’m in LOVE with our new stockings that I splurged on this year.  And it was awesome to finally be able to use the 5th stocking holder that I’ve had for the last 5 years:-)

Had SO much fun taking this pic, I’ve always wanted to get one with the “glow” of the Christmas Tree.  It took my tripod and lots of test shots, but I LOVE it!

It’s been so awesome getting these annual ornaments, someday I’ll have a whole tree full I hope!

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Steph - Love this post…and love the glow of the christmas tree. And of course best for last…your kids are adorable!!

sarah - BEAUTIFUL – shots and tree! And of course, children!

Adrienne - amy! love the tree shots! i might just have to try that! love them! :) i don’t have a ball head for my tripod yet, but i can at least try, right?

i know you get sick of me saying this, but it’s amazing how much stuff you accomplish! you live in a world with on 24 hours, right?! :)

Amy - Actually, I don’t have a ball head either, just a $30 tripod from Target! You can totally do it! I can’t wait to see it!

Adrienne - well, i have the tripod that requires a ball head :) i just got it, so now i need to decide on the ball head. i used to have the tripod from target and i went to a class and everybody with nice cameras freaked about it. they say they would never trust their expensive camera on that tripod….so, i got a different one :)

Amy - Ahhh, I see. They are super nice to have. Maybe Santa will bring you one? 😉 That’s too funny about the class and the people freaking out…maybe I should be worried about mine, but it hasn’t let me down yet! :-)

Adrienne - i am sure you’re totally fine. and really, how often do you use it?

i’m uploading my photo now. not nearly as good….obviously )

Meg Sexton Photography - Your home looks beautiful! Want to come to CA and decorate my tree?

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