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Meeting Santa 2009 edition

This guys is THE real Santa if there ever was one, I swear.  He brings tears to my eyes every year with how sweet and kind he is.  He’s the one at the Mall of America and I guess he’s won a lot of awards in years past (who knew that there were Santa awards?!).  But he totally deserves every one of them.  He takes his time with each of the kids.  He let Ty come sit by him first, while Tony held Bailey (I was acting as paparazzi of course!)  Then, after B got to watch him with Ty for a little while, Ty hopped up on his lap and we stuck B up there too.  She did great for about the first 2 minutes, but then she saw me and realized that Tony was no longer holding her and all hell broke loose. But she was so cute in her little 1st Christmas outfit:-) And don’t worry, we had nice toasty pants on her until it was our turn and then I did a quick swap with the tutu 😉

So, here is our photo from 2009!  Sorry it looks a bit crappy, it is scanned after all (they don’t offer them digitally) and I haven’t had time yet to download them off of my camera yet and I need to go to bed!

Santa 2009

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Steph - Love this…your kids are so adorable:)

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